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Roblox Mini Games

Fashion Week

Fashion Week featured a Digital Fashion Design Competition on Roblox, aligning with Fashion Week's excitement and spotlighting emerging talents in virtual and sustainable fashion. Alongside this, players enjoyed exclusive collectibles inspired by Paris Fashion Week, merging fashion, virtual reality, and sustainability in a creative celebration.

UGC Creation

Chopra Mindfulness

Chopra Mindfulness: Our collaboration with the Deepak Chopra Foundation has produced a unique Health & Wellness journey, featuring guided meditations by Deepak Chopra and comprehensive yoga sessions, fostering holistic well-being through expert guidance and mindfulness practices.

Game Review 9

Christmas Market

Christmas Market game recreated the festive ambiance of European Christmas markets, encouraging entrepreneurship in players as they role-played vendors, crafted unique goods, and raised Robux, blending the Christmas spirit with creative, educational gameplay.

Roblox Toolbox

Roblox Mini Games

We specialize in creating  games with smaller maps, focusing on quick and engaging activities like races, battles, and survival challenges, to offer players fast-paced and diverse gameplay experiences.

Roblox UGC Creations

We craft and upload virtual wearables, designing and modeling them for the Roblox marketplace, enhancing brand awareness through unique digital fashion.

Roblox Game Review/Surveys

Our real-time data dashboard, tailored for your brand, provides invaluable insights from our team of teen experts, helping you make informed decisions for enhanced gameplay and a stronger brand reputation.

Roblox Community Growth

We excel in strategies that attract and retain community members, enabling brands to engage with broader audiences and build stronger communities, leveraging the appeal of complimentary offerings.

Our team

Meet the talents that make MetaHug

At MetaHug, we are a team of young entrepreneurs and philanthropists on a mission to revolutionize game media for the younger generation. Our guiding principle is simple: 'By Teens, For Teens.' We believe in the collective power of young individuals to bring about change and shape a new era of game media.

Collaborating with MetaHug for our fashion UGC launch was a fantastic experience! Their team exceeded our marketing objectives with remarkable creativity and meticulous attention to detail. The process was smooth and efficient.

Ava Morrison

CMO, Luxel

Collaborating with Bubble was an absolute pleasure. Their passion for bringing creative visions to life is evident in every aspect of their work. From the initial concept discussions to the final design.

John Doe

Project Manager

I can't praise Bubble enough for their exceptional work. As a small business owner, having a website that stands out is crucial, and they delivered beyond my expectations.

Maria Rodriguez

Small Business Owner, Coffee Co.

Choosing Bubble for my e-commerce needs was a game-changer for my business. The comprehensive e-commerce solutions they provided not only enhanced the functionality of my online store but also elevated its aesthetic appeal.

Sophie Turner

Entrepreneur, MyShop.com

Reliability and innovation are at the core of Bubble's service. As the CEO of a growing business, I appreciate the consistent and outstanding web solutions they deliver. Their team understands our unique requirements.

David Chang

CEO & Founder, Landing.me