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Creative Agency by Teen Experts




Meta-Game-Review empowers brands by tapping into teen gamers’ wisdom. Our mission is simple yet powerful: capture young players’ attention and loyalty with valuable feedback, a new rating system, brand surveys, enhanced gameplay, and elevated brand recognition. Through a customized real-time data dashboard designed specifically for your brand, you gain access to priceless feedback from our team of teen experts. This data enables you to make well-informed decisions, leading to improved gameplay experiences and a fortified brand reputation.

1. Complimentary Placement:

Utilizing the expertise of our MetaHug Teen Experts, we will assess your brand based on their gaming proficiency and feature it on our exclusive “ List” or “ List.” This candid and direct ranking approach offers brands genuine insights into how players truly feel about the brand’s game, ensuring complete transparency. Without authentic feedback and ratings, addressing any issues becomes challenging.

2. Premium Upgrade:
Elevate your brand to unparalleled heights through our state-of-the-art Game Media Score upgrade. Seamlessly incorporating our user-friendly plugin, which enables our team of expert teenage reviewers to seamlessly enter your brand’s game for comprehensive evaluations, you’ll unlock unmatched insights into your players’ involvement and interactions

Our advanced algorithmic rating mechanism diligently monitors their in-game pursuits at specified intervals over a defined duration. This process culminates in the creation of a personalized Game Media Score exclusively for your brand. This score is accompanied by reports pinpointing issues and guidance from our teenage experts.

By utilizing our system, you’ll possess up-to-the-minute data about your brand, featuring invaluable input from our panel of teen experts. This data empowers you to make well-informed decisions, ultimately leading to enriched gameplay experiences and vital, consistently updated adjustments to your game that maintain player engagement at its peak.

3. Rewarding Engagement:
We value the participation of our players in making the gaming world a better place. When players join Meta-Game-Review on Roblox, they gain the opportunity to teleport directly to your brand’s game and provide their valuable feedback. To show our appreciation, we reward them with MetaHug Token in exchange for Robux from our Group Funds, motivating even more gamers to contribute to your brand’s success.

4. Product Surveys for Deeper Insights:
Engage players on a whole new level by conducting brand product surveys within the Meta-Game-Review game. This not only enables you to gain vital feedback but also rewards players with MetaHug Tokens for their valuable time and opinions.

Meta-Game-Review offers the ultimate platform to solidify your brand’s presence in Game Media. By tapping into the passion and knowledge of our Teen Experts, you can forge an unwavering bond with your audience, fostering unparalleled brand recognition and loyalty. Trust us to help you build your brand’s community, as our Teen Experts understand their generation like no one else.

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