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Welcome to Colabland, the ultimate virtual realm where connections are made, experiences are tailored with role-playing tools, vehicles, and homes, and the fun knows no age limit. We've crafted a universal playground devoid of overt branding, focusing on providing a safe and engaging environment where creativity, interaction, and imagination thrive for all ages. In Colabland, you're not just a player; you're a creator. Organize events, invite friends and family to virtual tea parties, treasure hunts, water parks, and rollerskating parties. We've reimagined brand integration by allowing you to gift branded Limited UGC items and engage in tasks to unlock unique content, from sponsored buildings to interactive items. Collaborate with fellow players, parents, and brands to co-create mini-celebrations, and our AI bot seamlessly integrates real-life events into the gameplay, ensuring that every moment in Colabland is a captivating adventure.


In line with our partnership mission, our objective was clear: to educate and empower teens to actively contribute to the reduction and eventual eradication of homelessness. We pursued this purpose by creating the "Hopeville" a simulation that will take place in Colabland, which offers an immersive experience designed to raise awareness and foster understanding of the challenges faced by homeless individuals. Through this virtual journey, we aimed to inspire a new generation to take meaningful action, building empathy and compassion as they explored the virtual world while working towards the larger goal of addressing homelessness. his digital endeavor complemented the real-life component of the walk and Sleepout, and our partnership with Homeless Entrepreneur strengthened our commitment to addressing homelessness.

Hydrogen World

We, as a team, created 'Hydrogen World' as an educational experience to teach players about green hydrogen production and sustainability. In this game, we provide players with the opportunity to learn about the process of producing green hydrogen, an environmentally friendly form of hydrogen. Through interactive gameplay, they gain insights into the various steps and technologies involved in green hydrogen production, thereby promoting a better understanding of sustainable energy sources.

Bento Biology

Bento Biology, in partnership with MetaHug, embarked on an innovative effort centered around precision medicine, healthy biohacking, and the tokenization of personal biological data. Bento DISCO, empowered individuals as data owners rather than donors, and we built a community-owned biorepository through the DISCO DAO to accelerate precision medicine and promote shared-value economic principles. 

Chopra Mindfulness

In collaboration with the Deepak Chopra Foundation, we've crafted a transformative Health & Wellness experience that goes beyond the ordinary. This immersive journey offers guided meditation sessions led by Deepak Chopra himself, providing participants with profound insights into the art of mindfulness. Moreover, our platform offers the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of yoga poses, ensuring a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. This comprehensive experience combines the wisdom of meditation, expert guidance, and the physical benefits of yoga to empower individuals on their path to better health.

Web 3 

In collaboration with Prasaga Chain, we have developed a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) complete with a wallet, designed to mimic the popular Metamask in our game. This initiative aims to educate users about the fundamental aspects of Web 3 technology. Prasaga, a Swiss Foundation based in Zug, Switzerland, has pioneered the next generation of blockchain architecture—a Layer One blockchain that fulfills the long-standing aspirations of all blockchains by offering the highest level of security against attacks while also rewarding its ecosystem contributors. Our educational experience was generously sponsored by Prasaga to promote Web 3 education and awareness.

Christmas Market

For Christmas 2022, our goal was to recreate the festive charm of Europe's Christmas markets through an engaging game. In this immersive experience, we aimed to nurture entrepreneurship among players by enabling them to role-play as vendors crafting Christmas cookies and goods. Players were given the opportunity to attach their unique item IDs to their baked goods, allowing them to raise Robux, Roblox's virtual currency, for each sale. This initiative was designed to foster creativity, develop marketing and sales skills, and evoke the spirit of Christmas, all while providing a fun and educational gaming experience.

Fashion Week

We, at MetaHug, were thrilled to announce the launch of a Digital Fashion Design Competition right there on Roblox, coinciding with the buzz of Fashion Week. Our Roblox studio, specializing in avatar creation, opened its doors with an exciting sneak peek into the world of fashion design. With the slogan 'Looking for the next Coco Chanel!', our platform was dedicated to spotlighting emerging fashion visionaries who championed virtual and sustainable fashion while establishing themselves as notable clothing designers within the metaverse. In addition, users could indulge in exclusive collectibles inspired by Paris Fashion Week, including the iconic lion head dress worn by Kylie Jenner at the Schiaparelli show or the viral upside-down dresses showcased by Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture. This competition not only celebrated creativity but also bridged the worlds of fashion, virtual reality, and sustainability.


MetaHug's "Build A Pal" initiative fosters kindness and community, bridging the gap between the digital and real worlds. This interactive experience instills generosity in children and young adults, helping them grasp that giving back extends to the metaverse. Through fun virtual activities, players contribute to real-world youth empowerment programs. "Build A Pal" on Roblox nurtures empathy and compassion, as participants perform virtual acts of kindness, creating and sharing Pals. This initiative enriches gaming while nurturing altruism and community engagement.


Our partnership with Juritgates International School in Toluca Metepec, Mexico, where we introduced the "Roblox Summer Camp for Aspiring Young Creators," proved to be a resounding success. This immersive camp, held from July 24th to August 18th, provided an exceptional opportunity for youngsters aged 8 to 16 to explore their creativity and acquire valuable skills within the world of Roblox. Alongside promoting learning and creativity, we introduced an engaging Obby game to celebrate the back-to-school season, offering a challenging obstacle course. Participants who successfully completed the game earned limited User-Generated Content (UGC), boosting the camp's appeal and encouraging enthusiastic participation. Our time at Juritgates International School's advanced campus was truly an unforgettable journey.


Meta-Game-Review empowers brands by tapping into teen gamers’ wisdom. Our mission is simple yet powerful: capture young players’ attention and loyalty with valuable feedback, a new rating system, brand surveys, enhanced gameplay, and elevated brand recognition. Through a customized real-time data dashboard designed specifically for your brand, you gain access to priceless feedback from our team of teen experts. This data enables you to make well-informed decisions, leading to improved gameplay experiences and a fortified brand reputation.


We collaborated with a client to develop a gamified Bible study experience, featuring the story of Noah's Ark. In this mini adventure, players were tasked with the responsibility of gathering the correct animals and bringing them onto the boat. This engaging experience served as a glimpse into the larger vision of creating a series of interactive narratives based on various Bible stories, allowing individuals to connect with and learn from these ancient tales in a fun and immersive way.

Avatar Marketplace

Welcome to Avatar Marketplace's 'Halloween Edition' on Roblox! From September 18th to October 29th, we hosted an exciting contest where the top 10 stores with the highest sales had the chance to win FREE LIMITED UGC items, and you didn't even need your clothing designs to compete. As a store owner, you could claim your own retail space, explore avatar creation with Halloween-themed outfits, and even earn Robux by selling your designs and dressing mannequins. It was an event that combined creativity, entrepreneurship, and fashion. Sales were done through clothing sales, and the Robux shown in-game represented the price at the time of sale. With lessons in entrepreneurship and fashion design, it was not just a gaming experience but a learning one too!

Saban Theatre

The Saban Theatre, a historical landmark in Beverly Hills, California, formerly known as the Fox Wilshire Theater, is an iconic Art Deco structure located at the southeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Hamilton Drive. Designed by architect S. Charles Lee, it stands as a classic Los Angeles landmark. In was an immersive experience, players had the opportunity to replicate the real-life venue and engage in the process of restoring the theatre, allowing them to explore the rich history and architectural significance of this iconic location.

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